What is the structure of a hardened gear head?


Hardened gear reducer is a power transmission design. It can provide low-speed output, inertia and increased output torque during operation. Its basic structure is composed of gearbox and miniature motor, but different parameters, specifications, models, properties and materials can meet different product requirements.

The hardened gear reducer is the power transmission structure. It can provide low-speed output, inertia and increased output torque during operation. Its basic structure is composed of gearbox and micromotor, but different parameters and specifications, models, features and materials can meet different product requirements.

Before using a hardened gear reducer, there is a lot of other important information that must be understood. These matters also need to be explained here. First of all, the structure of the gear reducer can be divided into spur gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, worm gear reducer and so on. The function of this device is to reduce the output speed of the micromotor while increasing the output torque. Multiply the output power of the micromotor by the reduction ratio to get the output torque. In further consideration of the gearbox, you should know that it is characterized by its relatively compact design and small return clearance. In addition, it has advantages such as high accuracy, long service life, large rated output torque, wide deceleration range, small size, etc. It is mainly used in cosmetic devices, robots, electronic locks, smartphone holders, printers, 3D pens, electric curtains, etc. There is actually quite a lot of information related to these products. Our official website also has online customer service, you can consult anytime. The prices here are very affordable and the quality is guaranteed. If your industry needs, you can take a look, I believe it will make customers satisfied.

Hardened gearbox can be divided into gearbox, DC motor, brush motor, brushless motor, brushless motor, stepper motor, hollow cup motor and so on according to the type of transmission motor; we suggest that you should be clear about your actual needs when purchasing. In addition to what you see in the market, if you follow the structure of the gearbox is divided into spur gearbox, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox, worm gearbox and so on; if you follow the power of the gearbox is divided into high-power and low-power; so you should talk to the manufacturer when buying. The device has features such as small size and large transmitted torque. It is designed and manufactured based on a modular combination system. There are different combinations of motors, forms of installation and design solutions. In working condition, electromechanical integration is realized. Gearbox transmission efficiency, low power consumption, excellent performance, is the ideal transmission device, welcome to order.

The content of the above article is a small introduction to the structure of hardened gear reducer, some related issues. If you are also interested, please have a look. I believe you will not be disappointed. That's all for today, I hope it will be useful to you.

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